Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who doesn't love a trip to Vegas?!

So the past weekend Sherise and I were very lucky girls. One of our best friends and roommate Lorin got to come spend a couple days in vegas!! Her aunt and cousin were coming to town for a Paul Mitchell Hair convention thingy so they invited Lorin and her Mom Dawn. Happy days happy days when us three girls are together, and Lorin's Mom happens to be one of my favorite people in world she's so freaking cute. On there first day in town they found a drunk guy passed outside of his room, gotta love vegas!! So on Monday we spent the day at the Mandalay Bay pool, everyone got tan I got toasted hahah what a pooor pale white girl I am! Burn or not the pool was a blast, there was a lazy river, wave pool, regular pool, beach and gorgeous lifeguards (: After that we hung out in the room with her mom before we headed off to the Fashion Show mall to spend 3 hours at the brand new, 2 story, department store size Forever 21!!!! I don't think I had ever been happier in my life. After that we went back to the room and took 2 hours and like 4 different outfits and a skype call to bobby till we were ready to go listen to music and munch on wings at the House of Blues. After that we just hung out. I miss Lorin and sherise already!! I was suppose to go with Sherise back to Loyalton to stay for a week but I have sinus surgery I would miss so I am stuck here in vegas. Only 3 weeks till I am headed back to Reno though!! Anyways here are some pictures us girls took. I love my best friends and cousin elaina oh so much.

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