Friday, September 7, 2012

Home means Nevada....

I got to spend my last week of summer break in my favorite part of my home state.... the biggest little city, Reno! We had so much FUN going to Tahoe, riding the rapids of the Truckee River, having lunch in Loyalton, Partying at the Wall, staying up late laughing and talking, margaritas and wiffle ball... yes those two go together, and doing what we do best.... being ridiculous! My life wouldn't be complete with out these girls, my best friends!! I can be my weird self around  them and for some reason they still like me hahah here's some pictures from my wonderful trip up north (:

Our FINALLY ready and going to party mirror picture!

Photo Bombed (:

Beeest Fraaaand!!!

We finally made it past the waves out to the cold water!

Riding the rapids of the Truckee downtown with my Wifey!

We ran into Jon while down at the Truckee!
So glad he's home  and safe after a year deployment.

Yup, I love these girls more then you'd ever know!

Goodbye Summer!

Why hello stranger! It's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I take that as a good sign. I had a very healthy busy, very FUN last half of my summer break. It was full of family time, a Make A Wish trip to Florida, and a trip to see my best friends in Reno! I thought I'd share some pictures from our amazing trip to Orlando, it was our big family trip of the year, and Corntey's Make A Wish! We spent a week (which wasn't nearly enough time) in a Disney Resort. We did 4 Disney World Parks and both Universal Studio's parks. We might of been exhausted and sore, and I was definetly a grouch a lot of the time because of it, but in the end it was the most amazing trip I've ever been on!! I'd like to share some of that fun with the blog world (:

Tigger will ALWAYS been my favorite!

Dinsey's Hollywood Studios

Headed to the airport bright early the day we left vegas.

Eating dinner in Germany at Epcot!
Serisouly the best night of food ALL week.  I even had a sausage salad!
Butter Beeer!

Captain America was such a charmer!
Cocoa Beach! Our first ever trip to the Atlantic 


The beach at our resort across the lake from the Magical Kingdom!