Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doing it right this time!

Well I realized my last couple post have been kind of negative and I don't like that cause I try to be as positive as I can be!! So that's what this post is all about positivity and how grand and blessed my life is! To start off my little sister is in the hospital for a few days to get a picc line set up. Some of you might be confused cause at to how this is positive well let me spell it out for you. First off the fact that there is such thing as a picc so she can come home and do her meds is a blessing in and of it's self. Our doctor Dr. Nakamura is amazing. Also my sister isn't sick she is being proactive! See she blew a 73% which is the highest it's been in awhile but not where she wants it. She got sick during the school year and they are hoping 2 weeks on meds will pop her back up to the 80's where she belongs. So see she's not sick she is just smart and she is the healthiest out of us 3 kids and I am so proud of her for that!

Now on to me and my life. Well I am getting ready to do a sleep study so that I can start sleeping with oxygen on at night. I am so excited.Why? Then I can sleep soundly and because my body will finally have the oxygen it needs at night I will feel refreshed in the morning and wont wake up with headaches anymore. Straight A's here I come!! :D Also on my list of medical endeavors is getting my port set up. Every person on cystic life that I have read so far has sang praises of the port. I will never have to go through the picc line routine again it was such a pain literally and figuratively. I will also be able to more easily do meds at school if I need them. Once again straight A's here I come!!

I can't believe there is only like 40 days left until Sherise and I are finally Reno bound and just a few days after that we are moving into our very own apartment! AHH I couldn't be more excited. I bought a shower curtain (zebra print), have a bog full of movies, and some plates and what not so far for the new place I still have a ton to go!! Summer break has been pretty uneventful which I guess I should be kind of glad about. Mostly I just hang out with sherise. I am going to die with her being our of the country for a week with no cell phone :O I know horrifying I couldn't agree more! If I am not with sherise I am over at grandma's house just chillin hoping they don't move =/ Nothing will ever be the same again, I'm not a fan of this kind of change but if it's what needs to be done so be it. In August we are going up to a hot springs in Idaho for a family reunion I am so excited!

So these past couple weeks I have decided to make a change or in the words of sherise "turning over a new leaf!" I have decided to get my life back on track on on the right path. How I was living life before might of been fun but things just weren't working out and thank to my amazing friend Jake I was able to see that and have started working on changing and making things better. Man oh man I did not know how hard it was going to be and how much of a hold certain things have on me (sherise knows what "things" I am talking about hahahah) but really it's hard. The moment I think I have got it down and I think I have been going good and strong for a few days now a temptation presents its self. 99% of the time I can say no right now but sometimes it is just hard. Once I am back up in reno single ward here I come. omg I can't believe I just said it! We will see how I do and what happens.

Well that is it for now I guess. Until next time.... Adios (:

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