Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I LOOOVE the summer time!

Why do I love it so much? No it's not because of the weather, for anyone who's been to Southern Nevada during the summer knows just how miserable 115 degrees is. It might be a little because there is no school, but mostly because of the all the traveling and family vacations we get to go on! We just got back from 3 days in Mesa, AZ (which is part of the phoenix valley) for my cousin Mitchell's mission farewell! That was the funnest weekend I have had in a VERY long time. I had missed my cousins Tori and Colten mission farewells, which were my family last to trips to AZ, because I was up at school in Reno. I know college is for getting out on your own and growing up, but I don't think that means you have to go so far away you miss EVERY family get together and celebration. I hated not being able to be there for cousins. So being able to be there for Mitchell was so great. Growing up I would spend every summer break with him and Colten, but I stayed at Mitch's house, so I was always a little but closer to him, but man those were amazing summers with both of them. I am so proud of Mitchell for getting to this spot in this life. He gave a great talk at church on Sunday, and he's going to make an amazing missionary. He's at the MTC right now for 3 weeks then is off to Tulsa, OK for 2 years. Not gonna lie I'm really nervous about him being out there with all these crazy tornadoes, but I know the Lord will keep him safe.

This trip to AZ was like every other! Way too much food, TONS of talking (if you've never spent time with a large group of Houston's you'd probably be very surprised at the things that end up in our conversations), lots of laughing, Bahama Bucks, great pictures, meeting new baby cousins, not nearly enough sleep, which all adds up to one heck of a vacation! My cousins from Logendale and family from Texas were even able to make it! I will never go 2 years without seeing them all again. We even had some excitement on the trip up there. After leaving Kingman, where we stopped for dinner, we saw a van flip off the side of the road. SOOO scary! We called 911 and the boys ran over to help. In the van was only 1 guy and he wasn't hurt, but he was completly wasted! It set us an hour back since the boys had to fill out police reports and what not. While the boys were over the highway helping this rancher who owns 80 acres right were we stopped came up to the window to ask my Mom if we needed help. Scared the crap out of me cause I was pretty sure he was going to kill us! I know, I know I always jump to the worst conclusion, but we all made it to my aunts house in Mesa in one piece and had a fabulous time! The only sad thing was missing out on the lake trip on Monday afternoon since we had to head home a day before the others, next time though! Being on a boat in the middle of the lake with my cousins is the happiest place on earth without a doubt!

Here are some pictures from out trip!

Anthony was using Collin's leg as a guitar while he sang for us!

Sunday lunch after church with the family

Hangin out with baby claire.

Boys and their video games in this family.

Just a (very) small portion of us cousins!
Houston is such a stud.
He must get it from his parents (:

I love me some Bahama Bucks!! Just before we left.

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