Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's time for a little built of frustration to be released. Ready... Set... GO!

So I am just a little frustrated right now. I am probably over reacting, because I tend to let my temper slip when I am not feeling well, but that's okay I mean not everything is perfect all the time. Here is my little rant of the month. We have two CF doctors here in Las Vegas that work together in the same office, but they are also 2 out of the 3 pediatric pumonologists here in town. That makes it pretty much impossible to get in to see them outside of clinic because you are sick. I'm sorry but I have Cystic Fibrosis and I have been on almost 2 months of antibiotics with only a week break in the middle which is when I coughed up blood for the first time. No I don't want to see the nurse practitioner. He's great but I have seen him the last 2 times and I feel even worse today then I did when I coughed up the blood. I need to see my actual doctor as soon as possible. Thanks.

Oh and to top it all off the adult clinic doctor is only there for CF clinic. She volunteered forever ago to do it because we only had one doctor working. I don't see her when I am sick outside of clinic, she isn't the one that sees me in the hospital. I know the doctors write everything down in charts but I would like to see the same doctors for my clinic, hospital stay and when I get sick in between . My lungs hurt, my back hurts, and my wheeze is back with a vingence. I feel like I can't catch my breath and when I try to take a deep breath in it hurts. Lets see if we can get in before my trip to AZ on Friday. If not it's going to be one long trip. Heck I hope they will let me in before my clinic on June 8th... something just isn't right in there. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Feeling that way has never been my norm.

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  1. Brianne, I'm sorry to hear you have been feeling so terrible. I knew you'd been on IV's quite a bit lately, but I had no idea things were so bad for you.

    Sometimes I don't understand the way doctors do things. I'm fortunate to always see the dame doc in clinic (or if I have to go in between scheduled clinic appts. because I'm not feeling well) but when I'm in the hospital I usually end up with a doctor (or two... or three...) whom I've never met and who doesn't know me or my personal history. It can be very frustrating!

    I hope you can get yourself in soon and get the answers you need. Feel better, love. :)