Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am one happy camper!

So after I called the CF Coordinator and told her the office said they were booked and to what until clinic she called them and had them talk to the doctor and of course he agreed to squeeze me in at 4 before they close. Well lucky for me they had a cancellation and could see me at 10:30, wooho!!

So Mr. Doctor Man said for my age (which he called me old!) and for what my PFT's have been he was very happily surprised with how good my lungs looked in my CT scan. I mean they were definitely a CF'ers lungs but nothing to significant. While that is great it still leaves us without answers. We talked a bit about how I have been feeling and then what I thought we should do. Then he listened to me and told me he agreed with my game plan! My PFT's dropped 3 more % since I was seen two weeks ago. We put me on 2 weeks of orals then 6 days of prednisone. We are also setting up a bronch to give me a good cleaning out and to get some cultures of deep down in there to see if there is stuff growing that isn't showing up just from regular cultures. He is worried that I am growing Pseudomonas again. But after we figure out what is being so mean to the my lungs we are going to do an aggressive round of IV's and get me in tip top shape!! I left very happy with our plan, and ready to kick some CF butt!!

Life is too beautiful to just sit back and watch it pass you by. So I am taking some serious initiative and getting myself back to my base line then I can work on getting higher. I got alot of life to live still, so here is to a long road ahead but a very bright future after that! I would like to thank all my family who has helped me and been so encouraging during these last few months of being sick so often. I would also like to give a shout out to all my wonderful cysters that have been so uplifting and encouraging. We might of never met and maybe never will but man it's crazy how fast we have built a relationship. They are all so amazing and strong, love you guys!

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