Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to my dear Mother!

I never understood Mother's Day. I love my Mom every day of the year. I help her out, and give her lots and lots of hugs. I don't need a special day to tell her I love her... Growing up I did love sneaking down to the kitchen with Sam, Cortney and my Dad and making her breakfast and caring it down the hall for her. I would also spend all week making her something special. This year Mom asked for lunch not breakfast in bed since church is so early, and I will be at my church when she gets home for lunch so this year I am in charge of dinner! I know I've already told you a little bit about my mom in previous post but as it's Mother's Day I would like to show how much I love and appreciate my Mother.

She is the worlds best Momma. She is strong, and determined, her faith is immovable and she attends church and serves callings regularly and faithfully. She is selfless, and does anything for other people before she ever thinks of herself. I have never had so spend a day in the hospital by myself, and when I was admitted to the hospital in Reno family chipped in and flew her out to me and she lived in the hospital with me for a week. The day I was discharged she came home, unpacked my stuff and cleaned my room for me. Growing up she was my advocate at doctors office's and made sure I got the best care possible. She is an amazing cook, and does a great job keeping out home beautiful and clean. When I am sick my favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with her while she rubs my aching back. My mom is amazing. I never realized just how much I learned from her example until I moved away. I was able to clean, and cook and advocate for myself in the doctors office. We talked on the phone almost every day while I was living in Reno, and when anything exciting happened it was her I called, or when I was stressed out or things weren't going my way it was her I called. I can cry and she won't judge me, she'll just be there to hug me and tell me everything is going to be okay. Guess what... she's always right about that, everything ends up okay! I hope one day I get the privilege to raise my own children just as my Mother has raised me.

I would also like to acknowledge all other amazing Mom's I have around me: My grandmother's, my aunts and those cousins who have been blessed with children. I would also like to say that it's not just the aunts with children. My aunt spring has been a mom to every niece or nephew at one point or another. She has helped out everyone in the family and looks out for us like we were her own kids. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing women and role models in my life. I would be nobody without their love and compassion in my life. I owe alot of that to my amazing Grandmother. She raised such outstanding children. It was her who made this family the wonderful thing it is. She raised respectable, moral, trustworthy, loving, caring, and hardworking children who then raised their own children to be the same.

So Happy Mothers Day to all you hardworking, loving Mothers out there that want nothing but the best for their children. We love you and thank you.

Salt Lake Zoo with my Momma and Dad.

Family Reunion picture with my Mom and Sister!

My Aunt Landa, Mom, Spring and Grandma
Christmas Morning making breakfast.

Sitting on Grandma's porch listening to the rain
a few days after surgery.

This last Easter after church, the whole family.

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