Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh June, can't a girl catch a break?

Well it's been a month since my last post and I didn't even get a Fathers Day post written. My second post EVER was actually on Fathers Day. Here is Father's Day post from last year! I love my Daddy and anything I could say wouldn't do him justice.

So far it's been a very long month. Heck it's been a really long 4 months. Anyone who has been following my blog or is a family or friend of mine you know what of conundrum I've been in health wise. I've basically been on some sort of oral or IV antibiotic since February with one hospital admit and also a bronch. The only thing really coming up on cultures is my normal staph but the medications that it's sensitive to isn't making me feel any better. Within a couple days of coming off the antibiotics I drop right back to where I was and start feeling really sick, and at one point I even coughed up blood for the first time. Not fun at all. An X-ray I got in March showed a "suspected pulmonary nodule" which could be an isolated infection which would explain all the problems so we got a CT scan and made an appointment with my doctor. I went into that appointment hoping to have the answer to my questions, but ended up having my doctor show me my CT scan and tell me for my age and numbers my lungs look great! (I know that should be good news, and it still was but that means we still had unanswered questions) We decided next step was a bronch. Maybe I was growing something deeper in my lungs, and it could never hurt to have a good clean out! Well I went in this week because I had sores in my mouth, I come to find out my numbers had dropped again. Luckily they actually had the results to my bronch. So far 3 things have grown, two of which are the same things I always grow and one was a mold. This mold doesn't normal cause problems like I am having unless you have an allergy to it. So they set me up on IV's (two meds I had never done before) and they ordered blood work to see if my IEG levels are high which would mean I was having an allergic reaction to the mold. Long story short I am not back on IV's for the 2 time in 4 months and these two meds are now the 5th ones I've been on in those 4 months. I'm crossing my fingers that this works and kicks what ever in the butt and I can finally have a few months of normal life without feeling exhausted and sick.

Don't get me wrong, even though I've been sick I still have it better then so many people out their and I've been so lucky to have such an amazing support system! Between my family, a friend I've grown very close to over the last few months (you know who are love!) and the other cysters out their that I've become veryclose to. I have such a blessed life, and am lucky to have a CF team that will do anything to help me feel better. I have a few pictures I would love to share of all the fun and good things I've been able to have on the few days I've felt good over the last few months (don't worry I won't show you my Arizona trip pictures again!)

Movie date and relaxing by the River on my last day in Reno.
I miss my best friends so much!

Easter Sunday outfits right after church,
before ALL our family came over for dinner!

Coloring Easter Eggs with my sister

Hanging out with my little cousin Kael.
His family came to visit from AZ!

Scavenger Hunt for the singles ward FHE.
"Take a picture with a trash can"

"Take a picture with a movie poster"
Yes I am kissing Harry!

Swimming with my cousins Sierra and Dulcie!


  1. I hope these meds do the trick! Hang in there, pretty girl!

  2. Thanks Stacey! So far the new meds are moving around lots of stuff in my lungs. That is normally a good sign (: