Friday, April 22, 2011

What makes a hero?

What makes a hero and who are my hero's? Is it someones good looks and charm, maybe their achievements, determination, or optimism? According to a hero is:

1. A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. 4. a being of godlike prowess and beneficence who came to be honored as a divinity. b a warrior of special strength, courage, or ability.

To me there isn't a group of specific qualities that a person has that makes them my hero. There are many people I look up to and strive to be like. My best friend in high school, who moved around every few years, because her father serves in the AF. She showed me first hand the importance of family. She showed me I was worth something, and that a negative attitude toward things you can't control aren't worth it, find the positive in it. Then there are people like my Mom with her HUGE heart, and willingness to care for others in need before herself. My Dad's hard work and determination to provide everything he can for his family. My Uncle Kish who lives to provide for his family, and gives to others even when he doesn't have much for himself. My Aunt Spring who has always been there for me or anyone else in her family when we needed help. My little brother for working hard and never gives up even with the struggles and set backs he has, and of course my little sister for never letting CF stop her from accomplishing her goals. I could go on naming many more family members that have qualities I wish to have one day. My Grandparents did an amazing job raising a family who cares more for others then their selves and are willing to give, whether it's groceries for a sibling who can't afford them, filling up someones gas tank, everyone helping redo or move into a house. I look up to everyone of them in hopes that one day I can be like that, but does that make them a hero?

For me the first name that pops into my head when I think hero is my Cousin Jason. He passed away 14 years ago after fighting a very long and hard battle of cancer. I was only 7 when he passed, and many of my memories of him are stories I've heard. There are a few things I do remember though, and over the years I've found myself thinking of him and looking up to him more and more. One of my fondest memory of Jason was at his home. Hospice had set him all up there so he didn't have to be in hospitals anymore. We went over to visit, and I remember him wanting to build a puzzle with me. We sat there building a puzzle and joking around. Every time I saw him he was all smiles. Sick, swollen, and hooked up to meds, but he was happy. I don't know why that is the most vivid of my memories, but I'm glad it is. It's something I think about when I am sick, swollen and hooked up to my own meds. I also remember the day he passed very well. I had been taken out of school early and the entire family was at his home to comfort one another. His last moments were touching ones, and after they took him away is when I realized he wasn't coming back, I cried and cried. Jason had a way of bringing, our already strong, family together and even stronger. Jason has always been with us as we've grown up. He had a shelf at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and pictures all over my Aunt Landa's. One of my aunt's eat's thanksgiving dinner with him and stories are told. At the 10 year mark of his passing we held a "celebration of his life" were we all wore Rancho xc shirts, cause he loved to run and was the best in the state, green chucks, his favorite shoe, and of course we had enchiladas his favorite food. After eating we watched a video my uncle put together of all the picture we had of him with the family, and gave my aunt and uncle a present. It was a very sad day, but it was also fun remembering all the silly things he did and spending time with the most important thing, family! Not only do I look up to Jason for his strength when he was sick, I look up to him for his faith in our Lord and the trust he had in our Father. He had such a strong testimony and I am very blessed to have a copy of his testimony to read when times are hard, because if he could be that strong when things seemed near impossible and his time was coming to a close, I could be strong during my trials as well. I know if Jason were still here he would visit me in the hospital and tell me that everything, no matter what, will be okay, and I know for a fact he would give me a hard time about not going to institute and church every week. He left me with such a great strong example. He battled such a mean cancer for so long and left us way to early, but he had a mission to serve in heaven. I'm glad I have the memories I do, and his example to look up to until I get to see him again.

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