Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Venting: So Frustrated!!

So I go through CF Pharmacy for all my medications but two. However, right now I am so fed up and frustrated with them. As many of you already know my numbers dropped at my last CF clinic and I just started a round of IV's through my new handy dandy port. Well, almost two weeks ago I was feeling pill boxes and going through my medications I had at home and saw it was time to place an order. (I like to order a week or two early just in case of complications or delays so it will get to me before I run out.) Well funny story.... Like 5 DAY after I order the stuff I need I look at the status of the delivery because they had not shown up and it said processing still! I figured I would call after class but when I did call no answer. So the next day they call back saying a payment needs to be made before they can be sent out. So I call my mom, its taken care of no big deal BUT like 4 more days later they call again saying a bunch of the medications actually need refills. By this point I am panicking. I am about to run out of Xopenex, Hyper Sal and a few other things . I call my mom who calls the cf coordinator who says she will take care of it as soon as she gets their fax. She calls today saying she only got 2 of them and is going to call them but by this point I have no more hyper sal. So I am having a hard time breathing cause I am so gunky, That hyper sal makes me cough up alot in the mornings and without it I struggle. I have 2 days left of xopenex, no xyzal so my allergies are freaking out, and my zithromax is out.... I am so angry that this was not all taken care of as soon as I put the order in and not 2 freaking weeks later! Now tomorrow I have to call the doctor and ask if she has samples of stuff. I am on IV's to get better so I need to up the amount of treatments I am doing but how can I do that when I don't have the meds I need! I also have 2 HUGE tests coming up and I feel like poop without them. So it makes studying and concentrating that much harder.

UGH, I just wanna breathe. Is that to much to ask for??


  1. How about some people who do their job?!

    I'm sorry this is happening to you. I know it will work out. It's easy to say that when I am over here with all my meds, but I just believe that things have a way of working out. Believe with me, kiddo.

    Peaceful things, kindred spirit.

  2. Thanks Josh!! Everything does find away to work itself out. I called my doctors and got samples of xopenex but they said they didn't have hyper sal but while on my way there they found some! So now I am set. My stuff should get here Friday so in case this happens again I will have back ups already.

  3. I'm sorry you are dealing with this, although after reading your comment to Josh, it sounds like things are starting to work out for you. I've used CF Pharmacy for a couple years now and have NEVER had a problem, but from what I hear, situations like you've described aren't entirely uncommon and I've just been extremely lucky! Best of luck to you.