Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reno's Great Hot Air Balloon Races!!

Every September, the weekend after Labor day, the great hot air balloon races come to town. Last year we could see it from our dorms but this year Lorin's mom came to pick us up at 6 in the morning to pick us up for the races!! What an experience. Not gonna lie it was freeeezing but once the sun was out all was good. I had never been so close to an air balloon. Next year we want to go at 5 for Dawn Patrol so we can see the balloons in the air all lighting up "twinkling" in the sky. I love Reno and all there community events. If anyone is near the Reno, Nevada area when this is in town I recommend coming at least once! It's alot of fun.

The first balloons to rise. There represented the twin towns. In one balloon was a member of the armed forces to represent all those who who fight for our county and in the other was a fire chief to honor all emergency personnel.

Then the air guard had 4 plans fly over head and you can see that one broke away to represent all those we have lost at war.

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