Monday, September 20, 2010

IV's again.... but that doesn't stop me!

So I had a CF clinic last Friday and I was so excited to go in! I had been feeling so tired and coughing ALOT more then normal. So I knew going in my numbers would be down, which of course they were. They dropped from 51% to 44% which isn't a huge drop but if you know me you know that when I get sick I get real sick. So I was started on a few days of steroids and we decided to start IV's on Monday with my new handy dandy PORT! I was so excited that my doctor was going to give me the weekend to enjoy myself and she was going to call my doctors back home in vegas to come up with a master plan on what mix of antibiotics and for how long. So knowing that I had 3 days of care free freedom I used it wisely! I had one of the best weekends I have had in LONG time. It just amazes me how blessed my life is! Friday night we had our football game against CAL, and boy let me tell you most amazing game I have ever been to! Such a huge upset, nobody expected us to win beating a PAC 10 team but we kicked their butt!! After rushing the field we celebrated with some yummy sonic, can't get better then that.

Saturday was cleaning day. I woke up early feeling great with my prednisone working wonders. Later that night was a friends birthday party upstairs. Us girls had a blast! We met lots of new friends, danced the night away, and I had a great heart to heart with another friend. I made sure all my treatments were done before we went cause I knew it'd be a long night and boy was I right! We didn't get to bed till 5 in the morning, but it was totally worth it! Funnest night in forever.

Then Sunday of course was hw but I got an unexpected surprise from a friend and we went out to have hot coco and talk. I had such a great time just hanging out with him. I couldn't of been happier. I always have friends or family comment on how positive and happy I am especially this weekend after hearing about me getting IV's antibiotics started but not letting it get to me at all, and honestly it's not very hard to be that way. I have learned over the years that even if you can't control what happens in your life you control how you act upon it and your own personal attitude. Why waist your time being upset about something you can't control while life passes you by when you can just embrace what is happening and make the very best out of it! Plus what is 2 or 3 weeks of antibiotics when that will give me months of feeling better, more energetic and allow me to breathe easier?! Sounds like a great compromise to me. The only thing I am a little nervous about is doing it all on my own this time. Even though back home I did all my own IV's except the early morning or middle of the night ones it will still be so different not having my mom to fall back on or having her there just as support but I know she is just a phone call away and so is everyone else. I even got an email today from a family friend wishing me luck with school and his concerns when he heard about my IV's and if I needed anything to call. Normally His wife and him bring me Dr.Pepper or ice cream when I am in the hospital or on iv's but his email made my morning. I love my life, and all the people in it. I will have the girls here to help me if I need it and their friendship and caring about me means more then I could ever express. They took on my CF and learned about it like it was there own. Sure having CF sucks and I would have alot more worries and stresses then a normally 19 year old but it has also opened my eyes to such much out there. I have met friends in the CF community that I love, I appreciate every day I have to the fullest, my doctors are more like family, and after years of practice I can find the positive despite what happens in my life.

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