Thursday, May 3, 2012

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

Hello blogging world! I feel like I've been gone forever.... Life has been so busy these last few months. I had a kidney infection, we spent spring break in Idaho with my Grandparents, Easter was spent with LOTS of family, I turned 21, my best friend that lives in Reno showed at my front door for a birthday surprise, My cousin got married,I babysat for my aunt while she was on a cruise for a week, we had our Great Strides walk, I just took my Praxis, and now it's the last day of school then finals. I don't have much time to write today, so until later I will leave you guys with some pictures from Spring Break!

Tastee Treet just happens to be the best soft serve in Idaho!
If you ever find yourself in Pocatello you must stop there.
The area just on the other side of my Grandparents neighborhood
Pocatello is one of the prettiest places, even in the winter!
It snowed the morning we left... I was so sad to leave it.
Saying bye! I'm rockin the coolest outfit (:
Spring and Cortney at Butterburrs for dinner after a windy day up at BYU-I!
We brought my Grandparents home with us...
It was a very tight 9 hour drive home, but worth it!
Easter Sunday before church! My family is amazing.
There were SOOOO many Easter eggs for the kids at dinner.

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