Monday, April 2, 2012

Luke Bryan & the Freemont Street Experience

So the ACM awards were this weekend so of course Las Vegas had TONS of stuff going on down town in honor of the awards and all the country fans in town! All weekend there were free concerts down on Fremont Street, just to name a few: Scotty McCreery, Eli Young Band, Eric Church and Mr. Luke Bryan!! I'm pretty much in love with Luke Bryan so of course we headed down there Friday night, even though I was unsuccessful at winning VIP bracelets from the radio. How can you pass up a free concert with one of your favorite country stars?!

Man am I glad I went, it was such an awesome night! Luke Bryan puts on such a fun show and it wasn't in a giant stadium where the only tickets you can afford are the ones way up in the nose bleeds. It was just down on one of the Fremont Street Experience stages. Not only is Luke a great song writer and singer, he's VERY handsome and absolutely hilarious! After going through some of his most popular songs he sat down at the piano and told us how terrible he is at the piano (so not true!), but he loves to hear his fans sing so he played an Adele's song! After that he went into a rap melody with some Wiz Khalifa and Ying Yang twins song, to the wall. He did a bit of some Classic Alabama and to warm us up before he played Country Girl abd we all started "shakin it" he had his bass player play Baby Got Back! He cracked jokes, did some booty shakin and shared his whiskey with a few of the ppl up front. It was such a fun night, even if I did get beer spilled on my boots and my favorite song recorded blurry. I'd love to one day go down south to one of his Farm Tours, which are shows he does in small towns down south and puts on an awesome show in the middle of a field! I could seriously listen to his Georgia Twang ALL day long.... Thank you Fremont Street for putting on free concerts!! That will always be the best part of living in vegas. I have a million pictures and videos but I'll spare you and only share a few of my favorites (:

Freemont Street 3rd Street stage! You know it's a
country show by all the cowboy hats out there... it's my kind of party (:

My love, Mr. Luke Bryan himself!!
Tiffany and I partyin country style! There were sooo many ppl there.
Out of all the ppl there we ran into Ashtyn and Kaeli! Fancy that.
At the end of the show! You know it's a country band when
there's a fiddle and an occasional bango!

and here are just a couple of the videos I recorded from the show!

Tied for number 1 for my favorites with Drunk on You!

Luke playing and singing Someone like you by Adele!

The Joker and a little Alabama's song of the south.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I am JEALOUS ! Luke's performed in Spring Break in Hartford and he always puts on an amazing show! Just snagged some front row tix at when he comes here this summer...really like his music, but haven't followed him much, hoping he puts on a good show!

  2. Any Luke Bryan fans out there? Just snagged some front row tickets when he comes here this fall...really like his music, but haven't followed him much, hoping he puts on a good show!