Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yellow Car, I win!

For anyone who's known me for awhile you'd know that it's my dream to one day write a book. I've loved writing and creating stories since I was little. My parents encourage my story writing and poetry by buying me poem journals as a kid, and always listening when I wrote something new. As I got older, and busier with school and life writing was kind of set on the back burner till I got this blog. As I started blogging, and raising awareness about CF. I realized I was writing all the time again, but this time it was about my life with CF. A few months back CF Roundtable's facebook page posted about a guy that was putting together a book in honor of Christine “Beans” Padasak and wanted others with CF to submit poems or stories that they had written to be apart of the book. I submitted 3 things that I thought were my best, and waited.... On Monday I got an amazing surprise in the mail, I made the book!!! I'm officially published! It's only a little book, with a 2 page story I wrote, but I couldn't be happier that they enjoyed reading something I wrote so much that they included it in their book. Even though I haven't written my own book, I've contributed to an inspiring book full of stories, pictures and poems from people living and breathing daily with CF, and from parents/siblings of those with CF. They're selling the book for $10, and the best part is all the proceeds go to the CF Foundation! If you want a copy of this awesome book you can email Carol (Christine's Mother) at or Rick who put a lot of the book together at 

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