Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A week without my Mommy!

I know it's crazy my mom is gone and no the house hasn't burnt down and I haven't gone crazy with my Dad being home all day but heck it's only day 1. Today started off with watching soccer and my dad timing himself to see how long he can yell "GOOOOOOOOAL" Finally gotta get out of the house and went to a job interview at Justice with Elaina. Came home and cleaned up the house. Little fun fact of the night.... country is the best music to clean the kitchen to :D I hate cleaning but I felt so productive today. Then got my Dad to help get dinner ready. Yup, you read it right Dad helped with dinner. He grilled us some chicken. I have a feeling this is going to be the smoothest ran week without my mom that we have ever had, but we will see what happens come Saturday though.

For anyone who is wondering where my mom has disappeared to for a week well she is up at Camp Stimpson
up at Mt. Charelston for girls camp. I'm so sad I am to old for girls camps now. I love going up to the mountains for a week. No showers no cell phones or internet just me, friends, nature and the spirit. The goal for the week is for the girls to be certified (certain years have certain things they have to do like first aid, fire making, nature stuff and hikes, have a great time, and the other goal is for the girls to use this time away from the world to become closer to God. Growing up there were times that I thought "man this is so stupid I just wanna go ride the zip line and eat that jerky I have in my tent" but now that I look back there is a lot that I learned at camp and so much more that I miss about it. I am so excited to spend time with family up the mountains this summer! On saturday me and elaina went up to help my parents set up camp. After all the work we gotta go down and play on the monkey bridge here are some pictures from our little day trip!

Elaina and I after going on a nature hike to find spirit sticks for Mckayla.

The monkey bridge in all its glory!

Anthony jumping over Elaina

The beauty of Camp 13 at camp stimpson

We had alot of fun getting to spend the day up there in the mountains. After doing the monkey bridge down past camp 1 Elaina and I realized we had left our sunglasses on the branch of a tree up at camp 13 and my parents wouldn't know to grab them so we had to make the trek back up there and man oh man was that hard. I mean going from one to thirteen has always been hard for everyone but this time was different. I could really tell the difference in my lungs after these few years of not being up at camp. It kinda of made me sad but more then sad it woke me up to reality and I knew I really need to work harder and exercise ALOT more to get my lungs back to where they should be. I love being outdoors and camping so much and I am not ready for that to be taken from me just yet. I mean I am not bad but I could be alot better. You know what I mean?

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