Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day and all that Jazz.

Happy Fathers Day to my amazing Daddy! Even though I felt like my dad didn't need another fathers day cause he's already had 18 and we already know he's my dad I still used today to express my love and gratitude to my Father and all the other dad's we have in our extended family. My Daddy is the smartest, funniest, most efficient handy man I have ever known. If I ever have a question about ANYTHING he knows the answer or will figure it out when it came to math homework he could always do it. He has the dumbest and corniest jokes but they always make me laugh. When it comes to fixing things or working with electronics my dad can figure it out. He is a strong believer in tough love. Growing up he was real tough but you know what I'm to stubborn to get it any other way! Even though he was tough a lot of the time he has his really sweet father moments that I will cherish forever. Growing up I was the biggest Daddy's girl. He also raised me to believe in the power of Christ. Every year before a new school year would start each kid would individually get a meeting with dad to visit and talk about things then we would get a Father Blessing to help us in school. We fight and argue all the time but mom says its because we are so alike we butt heads. Even though we fight I still love him. I appreciate and so much enjoy when I am in the hospital and he swings by home then comes over and spends the rest the day with me. Sure he harasses me, makes fun of nurses after they leave, eats my food, makes me watch crappy tv and snores when he finally falls asleep but I love it. He is the highlight to my hospital stays. He showers says goodbye and tells me he will be back later then heads to work. When he knows I have a doctors appt he calls on his breaks to see how they went. It makes my day every time. He works hard to provide for our family and he has done his best to care for us. When ever I learn something new and exciting or have accomplishments heck even an a job interview my dad is the first person I call. I am so proud of my Dad and what he has accomplished in his life. I love you Daddy and always will.


  1. excellent choice of pictures my dear cousin!

  2. Love the blog design and happy to be reading another blog by a fellow cyster!!!

  3. Thats a cute first picture.