Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I can't believe I am about to say this but here goes nothing.... I'm officially a blogger! It took me a few days to figure this whole thing about but I think I finally got it down. The other day I was thinking to myself I love looking at my cousins and friends blogs, I absolutely enjoy writing, and not only that it helps clear my head so this is where it brought me. I'll use this to vent, tell stories and keep family up to date once I am back up to school. Not gonna lie I am thoroughly excited about this!

I am not exactly sure what to write in this first post but I guess I can give a little update on how things have been! First off today is a grand day!! After 3 weeks of iv antibiotics I went to the doctors and blew a 55% which is up 8% so they gave the ok and I got my picline pulled! I also got a referral to a doctor to go ahead and get a port set up so I don't have to deal with pic's ever again, which is a HUGE sigh of relief. 8 pic's later I am more then done with them. The last couple weeks have been great ones actually. My cousin Sierra graduated and I had a great time with family there, we threw a surprise birthday party for my grandpa's 80th birthday and almost the whole family was able to make it (50+ people) I had never seen my grandpa so happy before.

One of my best friends flew down to spend 3 days in Vegas with us girls. We had a pretty fun weekend I didn't get to go swimming but just hanging out watching wife swap and going to the movies is good enough for me! Yesterday was a sad day having to say goodbye but it's alright I will get enough of her once we move into our apartment in august (:

Finally have a job interview on Tuesday so cross your fingers I get the job so I can have a little extra money when I go back up to school. I guess right now you could say I couldn't be happier. A nice summer break away from things is really what I needed. I am about ready to head back up to school but sadly I have 2 1/2 months left. After all my relaxing I get a little bit bored of not having something productive to do. I better get that job so I don't end up with a chronic case of couch potato!

One last thing before I go my friend Ronny who serves in the United States AF just went back over seas to help over in Afghanistan. So please keep our men and women fighting for our country in your hearts and prayers.

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