Friday, September 9, 2011

Holy Potato, I love Idaho!

I'm super late on posting this, but I wanted to share some of the fun pictures from our trip up to Pocatello, Idaho this summer. My Grandparents, Aunt Spring & Uncle Shan just recently moved up there. We've always spent time in Utah & Idaho for family reunions every summer because my Grandpa's family is from there, but this trip was different. This time we got to spend a week at my Grandparent's house enjoying their company. We ate almost every meal out on the deck in the beautiful weather, we got to visit Idaho Falls & America Falls to feed the fish. We went to the zoo & all our favorite food places up there. It was such a fun relaxing trip. We even got to spend some time in Salt Lake with my Aunt. It's been hard having them not in vegas anymore since they've been here my whole life, but it was a really great vacation. I'll spare you & only put up a few of the pictures & keep the rest to my facebook page so you can seem them there.

The Idaho Falls visitor's center at the Temple

My sister & I in front of Idaho Falls's well.... Falls!

Idaho Falls Zoo. My brothers arms are as long as a Golden Eagles wing span!

Idaho Falls Zoo again.

The tiger was in it's cave for a nap so was the next best thing!

Feeding the fish at American Falls.
These fish would jump out of the water to get food from you!

The river just off the Dam from American Falls. So pretty!!

My Aunt Spring trying to throw Sam off the edge into the rapids!

American Falls! The Dam made these falls in the early 1920's.
The whole town had to pick and move over a bit for the reservoir.

The whole gang besides my Momma

Gotta rep Idaho State Bengals for my Grandpa.
He grew up in Pocatello

A memorial for all the aborted babies in the HUGE & OLD cemetery in Pocatello.

The first known case of CF in my family.
My Grandpa's first son.

Shaved ice at Ross's park!!
I had yummy strawberry daiquiri flavor

Feeding the squirrels at the cemetery is tradition.
We have at least 3 generations of family buried in this cemetery.

We've seen every Harry Potter with my Aunt Spring so we waited till we got to Idaho to see the final movie with her! I've drawn a scar on my forehead for every movie, worn my Gryfindor robes for the last 5. I love being a nerd!

Picnic at Ross's park on our last day! Little fun fact thanks to my Grandpa it's been around since the late 1920's. My Grandpa played in this park growing up!

Swinging at Ross's park.

Ross's park. Full of memories. I love it there

Only in Idaho to they have pizza with Potato!

My lovely Grandparents

The view from my Grandparents front yard!

The garden! Of course the huge things in the corner are potatoes

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