Monday, September 12, 2011

I love you to the moon & back Hannah.

One of my dearest friends & by far one the strongest girls I know Ms. Hannah Landess recently did an interview with Fox news in Dallas. It breaks my heart knowing how sick she is & how little the doctors can do to help her at this point of her CF, but she never gives up. This girls a fighter!! Her Dad is a fire fighter in Texas & they're having their annual "Climb For Life" where the firefighters and any other locals can come and walk or run the stares at the Bank of America sky scrapper to raise money for CF. It's gonna be a BIG event! I wish I could be there! I love you to the moon & back Hannah! I hope in the face of adversity I can be as strong as you are. I've always looked up to you. I'm hoping that not only will this video & interview raise awareness of CF but that everyone that watches this video will cherish their life a little bit more. Something as simple as breathing, can be an impossible task for another. Appreciate every moment you've been given. (Below the video is the link to the article)

Hometown Hero: Climb for Life:

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