Thursday, April 14, 2011

why hello blog, is it time for an update?

I think it is!! So last you heard I was in the dilemma of school in Reno, doctors in vegas and being really sick. Well those problems are 98% fixed!

1. I am officially living back in vegas with my parents, and have transferred down to UNLV to finish school. I would much rather be an alum of Nevada, and go to the Alumni BBQ's before football games, and graduate in the beautiful quad, and have wolfie be my mascot instead of some creepy guy with a mustache, but even if I'm ready to go back to Reno my senior year I'd have at least 3 classes that I know of that are required to graduate from there that aren't at UNLV leaving me with LOTS of summer school playing catch up on core classes. Being home is nice though. I love being with my family, I miss them so much while I am gone. Plus my Mom can use the extra hand around the house and while I'm not in school I can give her that. Not going to lie, leaving Reno and my friends was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I have maybe 2 friends in vegas not counting family, where in Reno I had a whole group of close friends that I had a blast being with. 4 months and I can start school, join some clubs, go to institute to help make some friends to get me through till I can move back to Reno to be a teacher. But for now I need to get my health stable. I am sick of always being sick. We need to get my lungs in a better place and living at home with the help of my Mom relieves alot of my stress which helps with the healing process while I am sick, so as hard as the decision was to make I know it's the right one!

2. I have officially medically withdrawn from this semester and I was granted a 100% refund so instead of "W" being on my transcript it's like the semester never happened. Now I wait to hear from UNLV and once I am in I can met with an adviser and get things all set up! For now I am taking some science classes over the summer to play make up for this last semester I couldn't finish. Withdrawing was a HUGE decision but after my dang lungs made me miss a month of school, and midterms, I had no option. The DRC at Nevada and my social worker were so much help and so supportive. They listened when I cried, and let me know how proud of me they were and that I wasn't a failure. It was such a great support to have during that month.

3. My health.... I am feeling better but not better better. Any CFer out there knows what I mean. I have a CF clinic next week and I see my ID doctor the same day. Not gonna lie I'm scared to see my PFT numbers. After 3 weeks on IV's I am normally feeling loads better then this, but something just feels off in my lungs. I mean I can walk around the block now and not be totally winded and I can breathe without 5 treatments a day but something still isn't right. If this wind would stop I want to start running. I will work my lungs hard and do everything I can for the next week and see where I'm at, and what the game plan is.

**Over all life is pretty great. Sure there are bumps in the road, or in my case this last month giant speed bumps in my way, but there is always something that can counter act those bads. I have been so blessed with amazing doctors, social workers, support at the DRC, the most amazing supportive friends, and the best family a girl could ask for. My withdraw was approved and I am getting a refund so I can pay for summer classes with that and I can help my parents money wise like putting gas in the car and what not. There is always an upside to the down, and as soon as you find those it makes everything that much better. Don't waste your time being upset. Get a good cry out, go for a run, yell if you have to. Don't bottle up the anger, frustration or disappointment. I know I don't, we're only human, but after that good cry, yelling at nothing, a run or whatever it is you need to do find that good in your life and focus on it. Tell yourself it's going to get better, lets sit down and figure this out. It might takes you 30 seconds, an hour, maybe a few weeks till you can get past the feelings enough to find the good, but once you do you'll be glad you did, trust me on this one! Life is always better with a smile.

My sister and I at her HS powder puff game earlier this week.
I love being back with her!

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