Sunday, March 27, 2011

For the sake of my heart.

Sometimes I wish there was a way to forget certain things happened, just for the sake of my heart. I know they all taught me VERY valuable lessons. So maybe then I wish there was a way that my heart could forget but my mind keep the lesson. 98% of the time the things of the past don't haunt me, but it's that 2% of the time where something random will make a person, a moment or memory pop in my head first followed by butterflies of that good moment, but quickly covered up by an ache in my heart I just can't describe. A ache of regret, of "stupid brianne you should of seen that coming" but the ache I hate the most is when I begin to doubt any of the good memories were real, and blame myself for everything that followed. Then there I am left in a funk that leaves me over analyzing my life and beating myself up for every stupid mistake I made that left that ache, and just waiting for something to knock some since into me and back into that 98% of the time. So sometimes I wish there was a way to forget in my heart, but NEVER forget the lesson I learned.

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