Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I think it's time for an update!

First things first... I'M 20!!! I am no longer a teenager. It is also an accomplishment in the CF world! I had just gotten out of the hospital the day before my birthday so I slept, literally all day then went to dinner with the girls and opened presents.

So lets seee, besides my birthday, what's been going on in the life of Brianne. Well I was sick for a couple weeks but it didn't seem like much but then one Saturday morning I woke up feeling terrible and each day it got progressively worse. I saw my doctor Wednesday and my O2 sats had dropped to 85 and my PFT's had dropped from 51% to 32% so of course I was admitted to the hospital immediately. I knew my numbers were going to turn out that bad. I was at the point where I had to sit down while showering cause I just didn't have the energy, I was out of breath just walking to the kitchen and my finger nails were more purple then they normally are. I didn't mind being admitted at all, because it meant I would have someone there to take care of me, while I couldn't do it for myself, but I was really scared because it was my first time doing it without one of my parents there with me. The first day wasn't to bad but then some of my aunt and uncles chipped in and flew my Momma up to me!! I couldn't of been happier. Having here there to keep my company and to drag my oxygen around when we went on our daily walks was so nice. If I didn't like what I got on my meal tray she'd get me something from the cafeteria and she'd eat my food and if I liked it she'd get herself something.... it was a great system we had going! After 4 days I was able to walk to the starbucks in the hospital with out having to turn up my oxygen and being out of breath and by day 5 I was keeping my 02 sats at 94 with room air so they let me go. My poor nose is still healing from wearing that the oxygen for 4 days. I don't know how some of you guys wear it all the time. Being home is great and I've slept for 2 days basically trying to get ride of my hospital hangover. I've also just decided that Zofran is a miracle drug! I was put on Tygasil for the first time and it was giving me horrible nausea. (I hate being sick to my stomach but not throwing up) I was hoping it would pass but after 4 days I called my doctor. Tonight I had a baby bowl of soup and 2 slices of cheese. That is the most I've eaten in 3 days! Before I was discharged they did a PFT and I blew a 42%. So I'm up 10 but still have 10 to go to get to my baseline. I'm mostly worried about school. I've seriously missed 2 weeks. All but one of my teachers were very cooperative and basically told me not to worry about anything till after spring break. One teacher, however, needed a letter from doctors and the DRC to even consider letting me take a test late. It's all worked out now and I've been able to rest stress free, but now my midterm week is the week after spring break and not this week like everyone else, ugh. College is killing me! Actually no my CF is getting in way of my education. Now, if only I could stay healthy till finals are over in May.

I would also like to say I have the best CF team ever! They helped so much when it came to working with teachers, and they got me a birthday present and a card saying how glad they were that I was not spending my birthday with them hahah They've helped me so much and I don't know where I would be without them these last couple months.

I fly home tomorrow night!! I get to enjoy my spring break with only 3 doctors appointments and 2 IV meds a day... which isn't that bad at all. Normally I much busier on trips home. This time around I get to enjoy time with my family and visited a couple friends. For those in vegas I have some exciting news, but I am going to wait just a little bit longer before I break the news to everyone!

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  1. Glad you are home, and you get used to the oxygen after about 3 months lol. Hope you are doing well for a while! :)