Monday, January 31, 2011

Sad changes and Amazing memories.

So I am taking a break from the 30 day challenge because I have something to blog about today. Everybody knows the economy in this country is in the gutter and has yet to pick itself back up and particularly in Nevada the job market is a disaster. All my life have I had almost my entire family in Las Vegas or super close in places like Boulder City or Moapa Valley. Well within the next couple weeks starting Wednesday that all changes. My grandparent's Aunt and Uncle are headed up north to Idaho after living in vegas for more then 40 years because it is cheaper to live there and more of a job market. Then a few weeks or so later my Uncle Kish is moving to Utah because he has a job there. I can't even begin to image what it's going to be like not having either of those homes there this summer to go hangout at. Then I have my cousin Jerrad, who over the past year or two, I have become very close to leaving to go work with his brother in ND.

I was taught by my parents at a very young age just how important family is. Friends will come and go but your family is there forever. Growing up my cousins were my best friends. We would have sleep overs where we would play ALL night until the morning then as we got older we talked or did crafts ALL night till the sun came out. We have inside jokes, and amazing memories. My Aunts and Uncles have also been like best friends to me. I have seen them help each other out when things were rough, and I have heard them give encouraging words to one another. I was taught what love is and how strong of a bond a family holds all by example.

Growing up birthday parties of all kinds were held at Grandma's house, my 18th birthday party and graduation party was even held there. For as long as I can remember we had Sunday dinner at Grandma's house, sometimes even Friday night or Saturday night dinners were there. We helped Grandma put up here Christmas tree every year and watched White Christmas with Kish and Duclie's family there. Us girls grew up climbing the tree in the front yard then going inside, locking ourselves in the bathroom and putting on Grandma's makeup. Now a days we don't climb the tree, the great grand kids do, and we have our own make-up, but we do come over for dinner and movies or play apples to apples in Grandmas kitchen table till late into the night. We talk sports with Grandpa, or yell cause he can't hear, and we learn how to make our favorite recipes that my Grandma has perfected over the years. Once I finally got my license it was a regular routine to tell my puppy we were "going bye bye to Grandmas" and she would get all excited jump around and we would ride over. Grab a Dr. Pepper and hang out and watch reruns of old tv shows with Spring in the kitchen. Now that is all gone. Christmas breakfast, Christmas dinner, thanksgiving at Grandma's with her over sized bowl of potatos for Kib, coming over to freshly made popcorn balls and Dulcie and I getting a little overly excited about them. Every single Grand kid has brought there friends over for Taco's and warned them before they walked in that they have alot of dogs but there bark is worse then there bit, well except pimp. Spring and Shan have done so much for my Mom and my family. They have been her crutch during so many hard times. I worry more about her then me missing them. Her Mother and Spring and her best friends.

I wish I had more memories with Jerrad to share.... when we were little our families lived together but growing up he was one of the older cousins so we weren't very close, but over the past year or two we have become very close. I love him so much and I know I can go to him with absolutely everything and he will lend a listening ear, some great advice, and will put a smile on my face. I can also trust him with anything. I hate that when I am home this summer he won't be at family things or cousin get togethers, and that ND is even further from Nevada then Idaho and Utah are but at least he is going to be with his older brother and he is happy with this decision. I know he is only a phone call or text away, and the fact that we became so much closer once I was already up in Reno helps. I love Jerrad and am so glad that I did get the time I had over winter break and Thanksgiving to see him before he left.

Then there is My Uncle Kish and Aunt Dulcie. My whole life there home has been like a second home to me. We had sleep overs up until I left for college. In high school we would pick a ditch day to have a sleep over and miss class. They might be cousins but they are some of my best friends. Kish and Dulcie have been so great to me. I thank them for raising such amazing kids that I love but I thank them for everything they have done for my family and my mom. My Uncle Kish is such an amazing, strong, hard working man, and I have seen my Mom go to him for advice many times. They come visit me in the Hospital with Sonic, and if you ever want a good meal that is the home to be in. Once I was able to drive I spent many weekends over there. There were times that I was having a bad day and I would text my Uncle Kish and ask if he was home and I would go watch a movie with him and Dulcie. None of the kids just them. It's great to be that close to an Aunt and Uncle. Kish always checks to see how much gas I have before driving home, and will call me or text me on whim just to tell me he loves me. My aunt dulcie has been a great friend to my mom. They do SO much together. I know my mom is going to miss her and all the things they normally do together.

Those are now two safe havens of mine that are gone. Two places I called home gone. Two homes full of amazing people that are moving hundreds of miles away. I was talking with some cousins recently about how hard this move is going to be but it was pointed out that we are strong because of each other and we grew up being so close. It might take a little bit more effort then it use to but we will still have each other. Now we can see how fast we can lose something we can't waste a single moment we have. Plus road trips are always fun, and pocatello and salt lake aren't to far apart! I probably sound pathetic like a family member just passed away... while this is nothing like that, it's a huge chapter of my life that is closing. Memories that are just memories now and no going back... now we have new places to make memories. I am just so sad to see it go.... I know most people don't live so close to family like I have my whole life and I feel very privileged and lucky to have, but losing an amazing thing is hard. I also can't help but regret not spending my last week of break in vegas. I was finally feeling better and could of spent more time over at Grandma's or with Dulcie but instead I left. The 3 weeks I was there I was so terribly sick I hardly went out to see them. What I would give to be there just one more time. Just one more dinner, one more family party at Grandma's with 3 tv's on, Kish playing a music video for someone on the computer, Sheena yelling at someone, the dogs barking and kids laughing. We have a crazy family but a family I love. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I hate that I have been up here in Reno for school not there to help pack and say bye.

Here is to amazing memories that will last me forever, here is to creating new ones in Idaho and Utah, and here is to getting together with the cousins that are my world to keep creating our very own memories in our own homes.

Here is just a small collection of great memories I have from Grandma's growing up:

Brought the girls over from to watch the Boise game with Pizza

My surprise 18th Birthday w/ family!!

My Graduation party at Grandmas!

Just a random night with Arbys, a movie and the cutest little boy ever.

Watching the rain on Grandma's porch

Watching a video during Grandpa's 80th!

Uncle Kish and Gramps!

Christmas Dinner just one of many tables.

This is where you could always find the boys

Dancing in Spanish mode with Buzz and Hugh.

Jerrad and I at our family Christmas party.
I was so excited to see him there!

Cooking Christmas Breakfast for the final year.

All my amazing Aunts and Uncles.

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