Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Three: Mom and Dad

Day Three: My Parents

Where do I begin when talking about my parents?? Do I start off with how hard working they both are, how caring and loving, how loyal to their faith they are. I could go on for ages. I guess I will talk about each one individually because they both bring something different to the table.

My Momma, is amazing! She is one of the most caring, hard working, selfless people I know. Not just when it comes to her kids or family but to everyone. She serves our church to her fullest ability, she keeps our home neat and orderly, makes delicious dinner, would be there to help a family member or friend in need in a heart beat. She is kind and generous, but she is also a women who will stand her ground and be proud in what she believes. When one of us kids are in the hospital she spends basically her whole day sitting in there with us, It might be one of the most boring places but she stays with us. When we were young she was our advocate in the doctors office and made sure things got done right. Not only does she sit with us in the hospital but when another family member or friend is there she comforts and supports them and bring food into there home so that that is one less thing they have to worry about. I saw that most recently with the passing away of my cousin Beth. After her accident my mom was there everyday for almost a week then after she passed my mom and Aunt brought dinner to my Aunt and Uncle so they wouldn't have to worry about that. She is selfless. When shopping she would buy something for one of the kids or our home before she would buy something for herself. What I am most grateful for though is what an amazing teacher and example she has been. Now that I am moved out and on my own I realize how much she has taught me by example. I know how to cook a great dinner, clean, give to others, stay on top of my medical things, smile in the face of negativity, and so much more. It's hard to see everything she does while you have it, but like they say you don't know what you've got till its gone. She's not gone but I am not living at home under her wing anymore and now I can see how much she does and I know how much I love and appreciate her for it. What I miss most is how she use to rub my head while I lay on her lap when I get really sick and she will run to the store to get my sprite or Gatorade just to help me feel better. She is such a caring loving Mother.

My Daddy, where to start? He is a hard worker, a great dancer, hilarious since of humor, loves me for me, and just like my Mom is very strong and has lots of faith when it comes to church. My Dad goes to work day in and day out getting up at 4 in the morning just so he can provide for us. I am pretty sure he knows everything about everything... I'm dead serious!! Ask him a question he'll know the answer. Just the other night I sat on the computer with him for almost an hour as he helped me step by step debug my computer. For years he has helped me with homework from school, primarily math. He taught me how to parallel park and made me do my first freeway drive! When us kids are in the hospital he goes from work straight home to get clothes for the next day, grabs dinner and comes to the hospital. My mom leaves and he is there. He eats my food I don't like on my dinner tray, watches tv with me, doesnt complain to much when I don't let him play video games then we call it a night. He sleeps. No really he sleeps... not even nurses coming in wakes him up! He gets up at 4:30 showers kisses me goodbye and is off to work again. This last time I was in the hospital I told him he could go home at night to sleep in his own bed but he still came by after work to hang out. There is nobody out there with the same since of humor as my Dad. It is great. He can make anybody laugh. Everybody says he butt heads so much because we are so much alike.... I would like to agree. One of the best and most recent amazing things I can think of about my Dad was over winter break when I was home and I was so sick. I had just finished my 2 hr glucose test and I was going to eat and take my prednisose. My lungs hurt so bad and prednisone always helps. Well I had to take 2 and a half tablets. I couldn't find the pill cutter so I did it with a knife and both pieces went flying. I stood in the kitchen crier cause all I wanted to do was take my meds and lay down to sleep. My Dad walked in and was all are you crying?? and instead of laughing like I thought he would he called my mom asked where the pill cutter was and did it for then we went in the living room and while he played video games with Sam I cuddled up next to him and fell asleep.At every wedding I have ever been to with my Daddy we dance together, he makes me strive to do better in every aspect of my life. He is also probably the best person ever to fix a hurting back. Sure sometimes he teases me and makes me cry or he wrestles me and hurts me but it's all in good fun. My Dad is an amazing person. I know he is there for me when I need help on anything.

I love my parents. They are my rock. I don't know where I would be in life if it wasn't for them. I don't know how they have dealt with me for almost 20 years now... I know I was a brat most of my life and it wasn't easy. I own alot to them and love them so much.

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  1. I love that you blog about your parents. That is so great to see that!