Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My favorite day of the week: Thankful Thursday.

It has been such a great weekend and I am so excited to sit down and share what I have been blessed with and encourage everyone else reading this to sit down and make a list as well!! It makes you feel so amazing to see everything you have.

1. I know I did this last week but I have to again. My roomies, my best friends, the girls that make me smile!! We had our very first Christmas as roomies this year... we couldn't afford a tree, not even a little charlie brown tree so I took the liberty of printing one out and taping it on our tv so we could put our presents under it! Since we are poor college students we decide to do a secret santa so that we didn't have to buy for everyone just one person. We had so much fun going around in a circle opening our presents. Everyone loved everything. We were like a little family. I even got a little bit of snow that night which is what I'd been wishing for all week!!

2. I am so grateful for my doctors. I know I know this is so cleshay for me but really.... I've been so tired lately, coughing a lot more, and my lungs just feel heavy and I am heading home for Christmas so I wouldn't be here in reno for the cf clinic I had scheduled so my amazing doctors back in vegas squeezed me into a clinic last min. Sure it's at 7:45 in the morning but I need it and they made it happen. Now I can guarantee feeling great for Spring semester.

3. I love hulu! In our apartment we can't afford cable and we have an older tv so we need a converter box to get just basic television on it, but we don't have the money for that right now so we watch all our favorite tv shows this year on hulu. We don't miss a beat! I know stupid but it's a great way to relax when you need a break from hw or you are eating your lunch. Recently,we got the most excited for the Victoria Secret fashion show being on there for us to watch!

4. Glasses or Contacts. I get the choice between the two. Some days my eyes are tired and just don't want contacts, but other days I hate wearing my glasses. I am thankful for the option of which one I would rather wear when.

5. My roommates not being into video games! Between my dad and brother that is all that has been on the tv since I arrived home last night, and it's driving me crazy! I am so glad one of the girls isn't into a game system.

6. My puppy. I miss her so much when I am gone at school! My daddy said last night when he said I was coming home she got all excited and was wagging her tail waiting for me. All morning she cuddled up under my blankey keeping me warm and snuggling with me. Now every time I sit on the couch she comes running up sit with me. She is by far the cutest, most amazing doggy ever!

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