Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The good the bad the..... excellent!

Nope no ugly to place at the end of that ever so popular quote. I only have one bad report followed up by an excellent! First the good: No spending time in the hole (for those who don't know the hole is the hospital) for me over winter break like I had planned!! That will be saved for summer break which I prefer because I only have a month off for winter and 4 months off for summer so I have plenty more time to waste there! The bad isn't all THAT bad but it still sucks. After a week of steroids and antibiotics my PFT's aren't up enough and I already knew this was coming because I am still exhausted, coughing up to much, and there is a sharp pain when I take in deep breathes in my left lung... So a 3 maybe 4 week round iv's for me. What a way to start off my spring semester... yippie! Oh and to top things off I have a sore throat which means a potential cold! On the bright side that does mean that I will be healthy as can be once school starts! Now for the main event: The excellent! After 3 years of putting it off I finally went to do my blood glucose test because I promised the doctors I would get it done while I was in town and they said I wasn't allowed to take my steroid until I did the test because it would mess with the numbers so that next morning off I went. The CF coordinator called today with my test results and to everybody's amazement my numbers came back normal! No diabetes as of yet for me!! CFRD can kiss my booty. I told them I was fine, but I had weird blood sugar problems growing up and my pft's have been kind of stuck so they figured that is what it was but nope not yet. So far, diabetes is one thing I have been able to put off acquiring. I say that like it's all up to me when I get it, but I would like to think there was something I was doing right that is postponing it... wouldn't you?

I never did get the chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, so even though I am a little to late it's the thought that counts.... Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a time full of family, friends, food and blessings. I know I did. It was a bitter sweet year because it was the last in my Grandparents house but all the cousins got together and had a great time! Tacos and a program on Christmas Eve then breakfast and dinner at Grandmas Christmas. I even had a day of feeling okay! Now it's time to start a new year. I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for me. Hopefully it's full of more good then bad! Vertex is hoping for 2011 to be their year with new drugs.... cross your fingers everyone!

Sierra and her BF Axl at our family Christmas party!

White elephant game for the Christmas party

EARLY Christmas morning at grandmas

Dancing in "spanish mode" with hugh and Buzz

Our Christmas Eve pajamas (:

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