Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The good. The bad. My busy life.

Oh my word I have no idea where to begin. Just wow that is all I have to say right now. Life has been insane lately. Finally things called down. I was on good meds, my brother and sister were finally home and getting their PICCs out. Once I thought things had settled down my cousin Beth was in a car accident. She was riding home from her bf's on her dirt bike and was hit by an suv. My parents have spent the last two days up at the hospital with family and I went today and will be spending tomorrow there to. It's so great seeing everyone pull together and be there for each other in a time of need. It is looking really bad. I went in to see her today and I almost lost it. My mom was holding her hand an talking to her but I stood back by my uncle (her dad) and just kind of watched. It didn't look anything like Beth. It was to much for me to handle but I glad I got to see her and will again tomorrow. Tomorrow they are doing a test again to see if there is any blood in her brain and as much as I want to be positive and say there is and she is waking up every time the doctor does tests and talks to us it seems even less likely. I love her so much and I can't believe this is happening.

I am also having surgery on Friday to place my port (wohoooo!) My mom hates the idea but I am so excited. I have terrible veins and so over PICCs.Then on Tuesday I am having sinus surgery and a bronchoscopy back to back. Thank goodness my doctors are friends an plan procedure together so they can put me under an get it all done. We also have a family pool party and BBQ saturday and a baby shower for a cousin Friday.

So the next week or so I will have TONS of time with family and to TONS of time in the hospital. Some of the time is good others not so much. I love seeing all the family and getting to talk and laugh and share memories but it is sad that it took something like this to get us all together. I love my family. I love my doctors. I am have such a blessed life that I love.


  1. I follow :) I found your blog a bit ago actually :)

  2. What the heck?! Pool part?! And I'm missing it!