Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stomach viruses, hospital stays and blessings!

Most of you already know, but just in case here's a quick update. I've been in the hospital since Wednesday night. I had a stomach virus that had me throwing up and unable to keep anything down. After 4 days of that and not being able to do my treatments really we finally went into my CF doctor. I was admitted that night for dehydration and weight lose. That's now under control thankfully! I had been on oral antibiotics pre-stomach virus but couldn't keep it down. Between that and not being able to do full treatments my oxygen sats had dropped to 92 and I was so weak. So now we're treating a lung infection with IV antibiotics. I'm hoping to be out of here real soon. I'm starting to go a little crazy! Isolation stinks.

You might think I'm crazy for saying this, but this has been the best hospital admission I've ever had, even if I am stuck in the adult side in a tiny isolated room! I've had more visitors stop by to see me then ever before, and for the first time it was more friends then family! The first day my Dad surprised me by taking a half day and spending 7 hours with me watching movies and hanging out. My visiting teachers came by when they got off work and that night my amazing home teachers came by with love, fudge and gave me a blessing. At that moment I thought it couldn't get better, I felt so blessed. Little did I know it was only going to get better! The next day my Mom spent all afternoon with me, even after being with my sister who was in surgery till midnight the night before. That evening I got a surprise visit and such fun goodies from my cousin Stacey and her wonderful husband. Then as soon as my Mom left a group of friends decided to come surprise me! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. While they were here my friend Dallin asked if I wanted a visitor for a movie night, and of course I said yes! Yesterday flew by. Time flies when in good company. I went to bed a happy girl after Dallin left our our movie finished. Which was ironically the Pursuit of Happiness. I have indeed found my happiness even in a boring place like an isolated hospital room! I'm so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life. These last few months I've become really close to a new group of friends and it's been so wonderful to have them in my life! I honestly wouldn't trade my life for anything. Having CF and spending time in the hospital here and there really gives you time to ponder life. You can either let it get you down or you can find the happiness in it. I've found that happiness. I have amazing nurses, doctors, family and friends. There is no reason for me not to have a smile on my face and joy in my heart! Now it's time to go home. Got the okay from my doctor and this is officially my last night in the hospital!

I wish I would of taken pictures with everyone while they were here or at least my friends, but I was so excited I didn't even think about it till my Mom said I should of. I do have a couple pictures of my goodies and the silly isolation outfits though (:

Crime fighting duck or my Dad?! 
My snack choice my first day eating again: watermelon and ham!!


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry you are cooped up in the hospital and feeling unwell :/ I hope you start to feel better soon and fatten up a little too :) I am glad you have so many people that care about you and are trying to make your stay as pleasant as possible!!

    1. Thanks so much!! My Dad just told me the same thing as he left, the fatting up part hahah I'm actually going home tomorrow!