Friday, December 16, 2011

You know you have CF when...

On one of the CF facebook groups someone started a "fill in the blank" thread. I got a kick out of them & had to share some of the answers we came up with.

You know you have CF when....

You walk a block & look & sound like you ran a marathon.
your "over night bag" consists of a suitcase carrying all your machines.
You're on a first name basis with the pharmacy.
you sound like crap, feel like crap, but look amazing!
You tell your friends you have to go home to get a good beating.
Your dog licks you cause you're extra salty!
You can eat 4000 calories a day an not gain a single pound.
Your pharmacist knows who you are by your voice.
The receptionist at your doctors knows you by your voice.
Discussing your bowl movement & mucus color is a normal convo.
You can swallow 5 (or more) pills at once.
When at least once during a convo your voice gets crackly.
Your family & friends can find you in a store by your cough!
When your best friend has a bottle of enzymes in her purse.
When you trip on the IV pole in your room while getting ready.
You leave the drug store looking like you bought the whole store.
When your dog can find you in the house by your cough.
You can tell the nurse how to run the IV pole or PFT machine.
You can sleep through anything thanks to your oxygen & vest machine!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! This is only a small portion of the list, but these were some of my favorites. Oh the life of a CFer. Feel free to add on to the list (:


  1. Oh my gosh - I love it! I was giggling out loud the whole time. All of these are SO ME! (Except the last one... I inherited the curse of the super light sleeper from my mom.) My parents and my husband have all commented on how my cough is their homing beacon. ;)

  2. So I found your blog thru Jenny Livingston, and having spent lots of time with her in the hospital. I totally understand what you are saying and thought it was really funny. But interestingly enough, my sons have a serious gastrointestinal disease and some of those things apply to them too and they are only 18 months and 3 years of age. We trip over his g-tube button IV pole all the time and he has learned to sleep thru the beeping of the feeding pump and while in the hospital didn't wake up once. The coughing doesn't apply, but I understand about talking about bowel movements and we can tell which child is where based on their poop and toot smell. :) I know, we're gross. But we so know our doctors and pharmacist, he hears us coming across the store and already has all 7 of our prescriptions pulled. I'm glad you posted this, because even though I don't have CF and neither do my kids, it still made me laugh.