Monday, December 2, 2013

Jungles, turtle doctors & secret treasure!

This weekend I traveled to the jungle, made friends with snakes and flying beetles. I helped find Momma bear and saved baby bear from a giant tree. I ate Popsicle found in a secret treasure chest and made treats in an imaginary kitchen. We danced to music only we could hear. I learned to sing like Snow White and I welcomed a beautiful princess into my castle. I had a turtle doctor give me a shot and played Mickey Mouse to the most adorable Minnie Mouse.

My little cousin Claire has the most amazing imagination. I had so much fun playing pretend all weekend with our stuffed animals and just about anything she could get her hands on. She taught me how to enjoy the little things and just play! So many times through the weekend Claire would come up to me and say, "Just play Brianne, just play!" I hope she never loses her sense of adventure. She is going to grow up to be the most amazing women, but I hope she doesn't grow up to fast. 

Thanksgiving weekend was a wonderful one. 
I love having all the family around and together.

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