Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"An Attitude of Gratitude!"

First off.... I am now iv FREE and my port will be NO longer accessed as of tomorrow! I can shower, don't have to be on a timer to always be home around my med time, and when I work out my sweat won't itch under the freaking tap. I am so happy. I feel great and blew a 51% which I was really disappointed with but I will keep my running up and hopefully it will go up. I'm not ready for 51 to be my new baseline. I slacked off last week with running but that is not allowed at all anymore!

This post going to be mostly pictures to show my "attitude of gratitude" as President Monson talked about in his conference talk. This last week was homecoming here at school. We don't have dances and pep rallies like you have in high school... we have BBQ's, bonfire/carnivals, parades and FOOTBALL! It was probably the funnest week ever. As unknowing freshman last year we missed it all but the football so this year we did it all and I can say it was one of the best weekends! It rained all week until Thursday which was perfect. It warmed up just enough to be nice but not hot. We won our game despite the reffs throwing a yellow flag our way every chance they got, and denying us 3 touchdowns. So now we are ranked 19 and are 6-0 "N-E-V-A-D-A , you say, NEVADA!!

The hit of the bonfire/carnival was the FREE photo booth!
Almost better then the pulled pork.

The GIANT bonfire!

I have always been one for family. They are the most important people in the world. We are born into it, the teach you right from wrong, are there through thick and thin, and they are your support when the rest of the world is gone. On my Mom's side of the family we do EVERYTHING together. From pool parties all summer at my uncles, Sunday dinner at grandmas, Christmas morning breakfast, hospital stays, surprise birthday or anniversary parties... you name it we do it! Growing up us kids would rather have a birthday party at grandmas then anywhere else or spend our Friday nights trying a new restaurant with Aunt Spring she just called about. My cousins were always some of my best friends, and I loved making trips to Arizona to visit cousins on the Houston side! Now that I am up in Reno I miss alot of those things. It made me realize how much I love, respect and appreciate my family. I already knew I loved, respected and appreciated them but now it's even more evident in my life. Luckily we have cell phones and facebook so that they can call or text me whenever and I can see pictures of stuff going on. My grandma even sends me letters in the mail, it makes my day every time. This past weekend was my Aunt Springs 40th birthday along with my Uncle Kish and Aunt Dulcie's 25 anniversary. Both people were trying to plan surprise parties that weekend. So my aunts was at Macayos (our favorite Mexican restaurant) and EVERYONE made it and the anniversary party was planned for Sunday. I called Sunday and as soon as my mom said hello so did like 10 other people in the back. I talked to both Kish and Dulcie to wish them a happy 25th and how much I love them and when my Uncle Kish said goodbye and that he loved and missed me it brought tears to my eyes. I hate missing this stuff but I also hate vegas, I just can't win. At least I know I am missed and I will always have them! I can't wait to visit in November for Trin's wedding and Thanksgiving. My family has always been number 1 since day 1 for me and it will forever be that way.

This was a picture of all my Mom's brothers and sister at Macayos for my aunts birthday. On Dulcie's facebook the caption under it was "Brianne.... this is for you" It made me laugh so hard. They are always making fun of the pictures my friends and I take. I love my aunts and uncles who gave me all my amazing cousins!! Of course it's all thanks to my Grandparents!

My Daddy and I on Christmas at Grandma's.

Christmas 2008

Dancing with my Uncle Steve (:

Not much has changed, besides our ages.

My surprise 18th birthday party at Grandma's.

The happiest place on Earth. At the lake in Arizona with cousins!

I could go on forever about my family with hundreds of stories and pictures but I will spare you and stop right here because I think you get thee point. I live a pretty amazing life. From being in college, to my friends, my health, and of course my family. Sure I could find stuff to complain about that are going wrong but why? Why waste my time with what I don't have or what I can't control when I have so much more the be thankful for!

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  1. Brianne I don't know why but I cried while reading this. I miss you and love you so much sister!! Girl do you inspire me. Keep up the great work and see you in November!